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Why Gumbek?

Gumbek is place which connects a group of unique designers, makers, artist and craftspeople with big passion to create all kind of things. Sewing, crocheting, knitting or painting… that all is for us relaxation. Each idea, born in our heads or head of yours, which became reality, makes us super happy. In each product of us there is beside an effort and a lot of love also a part of our soul and a personal touch of each artist which give a final product even a bigger value.

There are a lot of reasons why buying handmade… Let us introduce you with some of them:

  • You make two people happy – buyer and seller.
  • Many items are much more environmentally friendly.
  • You are getting something that is made with love by someone who loves what they do.
  • You are telling the gift recipient that you cared enough about them to buy something as individual as they are.
  • Things are not mass produces in another country which means you are most often the only one who have it.
  • All of the things are also perfect, high quality handmade gifts which reflect the love and care that has gone into making them.

Do you need unique, one of a kind present for some special event and you want to support young, creative makers at the same time? Then you are on the right place. Write us an email on, contact us on social networks or just step by in our atelier Gumbek in Tržic. We would be glad to welcome you.