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Who are we?

Four creative bubbly girls with a big passion for all things handmade. Let us introduce ourselves:

Slađana Bijelić

Creative girl and author of a handmade clothes “Indestructible”

My name is Sladana but I rather prefer Sladi 🙂 I have drawn, painted, cut things out ever since I was a little girl. I guess I got that from my mum which spent at least an hour per day behind her sewing machine. As a little girl she allowed me to use her sewing machine and taught me basics of sewing. Beside that she allowed me to cut her hair (yes, you read it correctly) dye them and in winter days she toughed me to knit and crochet. So ever since I imagine I was doing all kind of things handmade. The biggest problem which I’m confronting most of the time is that I have way too many ideas in my head which are just waiting to be realized as soon as possible. Moving into another country and all of my study obligations caused that I became a little bit lazy or rather said I just didn´t find time for my creative hours. However I realized pretty soon that I have to change something. The idea was born, end of the year 2015 we have opened our atelier Gumbek and the first handmade “Indestructible” pieces of clothing were already on our shelves. We are not for so long active but each time I walk into the shop, or hear someone mention it, I get butterflies in my stomach! I’m so proud of everything that we’ve achieved in such a short time.


Lidija Logar

Experienced tailor, designer with a sewing needle in her hands and an author of a handmade clothes “Indestructible”

Hi, I’m Lidija. Mom of two, little cutie pies. I love to be creative, even more to travel but beyond everything I love to spent time with my family. After I successfully finished school for a hairdresser and later even textile school in Kranj (Slovenia), I started to work for a Slovenian designer Nancy. After 15 years of sewing experiences I decided to start my own business way and we have opened our little atelier Gumbek. I sew to keep my mind focused and to relax. It makes me super happy to see my creative ideas changing into reality. I wanted to find clothing that was unisex, modern with crazy yet cool patterns and shapes which is what our brand Indestructible is all about. Few years ago I would never be imagining myself being on my own business way but here I am and I hope you like my products. I’m most proud of how much we’ve achieved in the last months. We are evolving each single day and I’m super proud of how we have created a community of artishans and all kind of makers to boost appreciation for all things handmade.

Daliborka Gračanin

Creative girl and author of a handmade clothes “Indestructible”

My name is Dali and I’m mommy of 5 years old cuty-pie. I have been interested in fashion and beauty ever since I was a litte kid. After I finished Bachelor Degree in Tourism Studies few years ago I still wasn´t sure if that is the right thing for me. I wanted to find something that challenged me, inspired me and gave me intrinsic value. I started to work at high street fashion store as a fashion advisor. Job offered me a lot of experiences, new contacts & ideas. My creativity went whole other level so it made sense to pursue a passion of mine also as a career. And my wish soon came true. I joined Gumbek team and this is the great way to share all my ideas and inspiration with you.


Anđelka Valentić

Creative Girl and Ambassador for Indestructible Croatia

Are you someone who appreciates handmade products and recognizes the effort and time that has gone into making them? Then we are inviting you to visit our atelier Gumbek in Tržič where creativity has no end! Call us on031 395 609, check our offer on one of our social networks like FB or Instagram or just visit us personally on Trg svobode 21. We are really looking forward to see you.